Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ident Presentation

This afternoon we had to present our idea(s) for the ident project infront of Andy, Derek and the rest of our class. I haven't really written about the ident project, so I'll give a brief overview: we have to create a 10-15 second clip to promote a new music website from Virgin, The Red Room. The brief was basic, so we could pretty make up anything we wanted. The rest of the class had some really wide range of cool ideas and tehniques, but I had two to present myself.

My first idea is having a red amp lead being plugged into a guitar jack, the camera follows the cable and sees that it spells out the words 'Red Room'. I'm still not sure which way to go with it, Derek and Andy both preferred this one to my other idea, and said that I should use live-action or make it really stylised. I really like the idea of using Flash for it, but I think some of the camera movements in my idea might be too hard to try and recreate. (The only way I can really think of getting the angles I want are to use Pixilation or After Effects, which my skills are worse than Maya on. Which is saying something.)

My second idea compromises of a red box (original...) being opened and lots of musical equipment jumping into it. The box lid shuts and then shakes, then re-opens displaying the words 'Red Room' inside. Not as original, but I quite liked this idea and was tempted into using Stopmotion to animate the box, however I've decided to stick with my original idea with the guitar.

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