Monday, 26 July 2010

Doing something else useful...

I've spent the past couple of days trying to readjust to the English climate after a week in wonderfully sunny Spain, trying to download Maya (and failing due to the Uni email being down so I can't get my activation email...), trying to get inspired and helping one of my friends with a request.

My friend Rob asked me if I could design a logo for his Ultimate team "Hawk Ultimate" (for those who don't know what Ultimate is, it's essentially competitive frisbee and has become pretty popular the last few years after finding it's way over here from America). He wanted one normal/more cartoony logo & one tribal one.

It's not really anything to do with animation, but it shows that i've done some drawing and actually used my graphics tablet at least once this summer. I used Flash to draw the outlines and coloured them in Photoshop.

intitial concepts:


rough tribal one:

Final versions (there's two versions of each, with alternating team colours):

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Doing something useful... Actually pays off...

So, my design for the diary is actually going to be used :)

The only changes that needed to be made were to use an FXU (student union) logo instead of the universities...

Sunday, 11 July 2010

A damn good find...

So, whilst stumbling through the urban wasteland of the internet in the search for textures (for the Sims no less, don't knock it Georg, it gave me an idea of what UV unwrapping was and texture painting before i'd even heard of Maya) and came across this gem of a website that is too good not to share.

And the best thing is, it's all free:

"All royalty free stock icons, clip art, images, brushes, custom shapes, layer styles, layered PSD’s, patterns, textures, web elements, themes and other design resources on this website are free for use in both personal and commercial projects.

You may freely use them in software programs, iPhone skins, scrapbooking kits, web templates, Themeforest themes, websites, print on demand sites such as Zazzle, blogs, etc. No attribution or backlinks are required, but any form of spreading the word is always appreciated!

You may redistribute them within projects such as those listed above, but not by themselves as is."

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Doing something useful...

Ahha, my poor blog probably thought it was going to be safe and get a well deserved rest over the summer, but I'm afraid not...

I've decided I'm actually going to have a productive summer, do something useful and actually create some work. Sadly I haven't got round to that yet, however I have done something useful the past couple of days. I (along with countless others) got a message on facebook from the new Student Welfare President, Tim Port, asking about designs and volunteers for work towards Fresher's week etc. I decided that I would put forward a design for the front and back covers for the 2010/11 student diarys (a copy is given to each first year): "This can be of any appropriate image (preferably something that reflects Cornwall or Falmouth and must fit onto the A6 cover)" aaaand here's what I've come up with (oh and because it's A6, the previews will probably be HUGE):



Whether anyone else will actually have a go at creating a cover is beyond my knowledge, but hopefully I shall find out if my design is any good, (I emailed Tim it earlier today, so am waiting to hear back). In case anyone was wondering (which you probably weren't, but shall be informed of anyway...) the textures are from scans of a load of paper (digital collage... the actual bits are very odd shapes as they're leftovers) I nabbed from the Art rooms at school during one of my projects in Sixth Form. I loved the paper and kept it for an unknown future project, I really want to use them for something animated, either background or character clothing, but I need to come up with any idea before I can do so! Hopefully I'll have an idea before the end of summer, but I'm going to Spain next week though, so hopefully it'll inspire me in some way :)