Saturday, 10 July 2010

Doing something useful...

Ahha, my poor blog probably thought it was going to be safe and get a well deserved rest over the summer, but I'm afraid not...

I've decided I'm actually going to have a productive summer, do something useful and actually create some work. Sadly I haven't got round to that yet, however I have done something useful the past couple of days. I (along with countless others) got a message on facebook from the new Student Welfare President, Tim Port, asking about designs and volunteers for work towards Fresher's week etc. I decided that I would put forward a design for the front and back covers for the 2010/11 student diarys (a copy is given to each first year): "This can be of any appropriate image (preferably something that reflects Cornwall or Falmouth and must fit onto the A6 cover)" aaaand here's what I've come up with (oh and because it's A6, the previews will probably be HUGE):



Whether anyone else will actually have a go at creating a cover is beyond my knowledge, but hopefully I shall find out if my design is any good, (I emailed Tim it earlier today, so am waiting to hear back). In case anyone was wondering (which you probably weren't, but shall be informed of anyway...) the textures are from scans of a load of paper (digital collage... the actual bits are very odd shapes as they're leftovers) I nabbed from the Art rooms at school during one of my projects in Sixth Form. I loved the paper and kept it for an unknown future project, I really want to use them for something animated, either background or character clothing, but I need to come up with any idea before I can do so! Hopefully I'll have an idea before the end of summer, but I'm going to Spain next week though, so hopefully it'll inspire me in some way :)

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