Thursday, 9 September 2010

Summer finished previews...

As I don't own a copy of After Effects myself, I was cheeky and nabbed my boyfriend's computer for a bit when I went to visit him to convert some of the finished frames into some clips finished animation. So, this is what the finished article will look like, the pet one is still a work in progress...

They're only 720p because I had to use Windows Movie Maker to mash the clips together and add some black bits (so Youtube doesn't hack off the endings/beginnings like it normally does...).

It was horrible.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

With Flash comes the Crash...

So the multiple crashes start again.

Serves me right though, it was getting to be a pretty big file and I only had one copy (rookie error for an animation student I know, especially when working with the reliably unreliable Flash).

Tis fixed now, my scenes are now saved as separate files and I think I worked out that a symbol in one of the scenes was causing all the problems. Plus that scene had lots of tweens in, so Flash wasn't a particularly happy bunny, (ironically it's the scene in which my pet rabbits are, aharhar).

But it seems to be back on track! (Famous last words...) But at least since my RAM upgrade & shiny new external hardrive, my computer is being super quick at loading it up again, unlike the days of Formation, where it would take about 10 minutes to start up.

Hopefully I won't get a tally going again...

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Scott Pilgrim... freaking awesome!

I've become obsessed with the books, and since watching this video:

I now have a burning desire to try and animate all the books. Maybe one day.