Friday, 25 February 2011

Pre-Production: Sketchbook

Apologies for the post spamming today, but I was waiting for this to upload before I started my other two posts, aaaaand it only just finished. Here's a .pdf of all my sketchbook work for this project, so far:

Alice PrePro Sketch Book

Pre-Production: Characters

Now this one has been annoying. Like a cool whiz kid I successfully added hyperlinks to all of the Character names with links to a piece of the music they're famous for. They all worked fine when I exported the .pdf (I felt GCSE I.T. had actually taught me something useful...) but when I tried to upload it to Scribd, they didn't work and the typeface they were written in didn't work either. SO, to hear some of their music, click on the text before the picture.

Joseph Goebbels:

Lale Andersen:

Hans Hotter & Elena Gerhardt:

Igor Stravinsky & Paul Hindemith:

Marlene Dietrich:

Charlie & His Orchestra:

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pre-Production: Inspiring Artwork.

So, had my internet been faster then I would've uploaded these last night...

A small section of some of my research, looking at watercolour artists and other artworks to inpsire me:
The artists, in order, are: Paul Cezanne, John Constable, William Blake, Whistler, Milford Zornes, Elliot O'Hara, J.W.S. Cox, Ernst Ludwig Kirschner, Joh Heartfield, George Grosz, Gustaf Tenggren, Mary Blair and Barney Tobey.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

"The Hoovering"

For Cinematography we have to make a short 90 second silent film, we are allowed to add sound effects but no dialogue. I'm working with Charlie, Emily, Laurence, Miguel, Ryan & Sasha, and we've come up with an idea for a short film called "The Hoovering".

Following these wonderful storyboards made by Charlie, I made a script to show our Tutor for this project, Frankie.

The Hoovering

Admitedly it's a pretty basic script, but considering I've never written a script before (I'm an Animation student, not a Film student), so I think it gets the point of story across.

We are going to start shooting sometime soon as Frankie gave us the green light in our session on tuesday.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Barista Work: Space Scene Animatic

I'm currently working on an Animatic for Tim's little Daydream sequence. I'm aiming to complete before next week when I have to go home for my Grandad's funeral. I'm going through what has so far been the worst three months of my life, I was hoping it would start to get a bit better, but I was given the news that one of my cats had to be put down today. Thanks life.

Life Drawing 10.02.11

Pleased with this week's work considering I had a shocker of a headache throughout our session (the people who had used the room before us had done oil painting, so the room stank of turpentine, which some people love, but it makes me feel like i'm about to pass out or my head is being chopped in half...)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Barista Work: The League

My latest work for the Barista project... I had to go home this weekend, and without access to a computer with Animate I suggested to Alex that I get designing some characters for one of the most important scenes... where Tim, the coffee-making Hero, ends up face to face with his exes. 16 of them. So, I designed 16 exes.

Being obsessed with Scott Pilgrim it was awesome to be able to create a "league" of "evil" exes for Tim to face...

Before I left for home I found a hairstyle website and saved what I thought were the most appropriate hairstyles, (the only instruction Alex gave me was for them to "be hot"), which I got Alex to approve before I went:

Rough Doodles:

Final Designs, some look more similar to the photographs than others: