Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Barista Work: The League

My latest work for the Barista project... I had to go home this weekend, and without access to a computer with Animate I suggested to Alex that I get designing some characters for one of the most important scenes... where Tim, the coffee-making Hero, ends up face to face with his exes. 16 of them. So, I designed 16 exes.

Being obsessed with Scott Pilgrim it was awesome to be able to create a "league" of "evil" exes for Tim to face...

Before I left for home I found a hairstyle website and saved what I thought were the most appropriate hairstyles, (the only instruction Alex gave me was for them to "be hot"), which I got Alex to approve before I went:

Rough Doodles:

Final Designs, some look more similar to the photographs than others:

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