Monday, 26 July 2010

Doing something else useful...

I've spent the past couple of days trying to readjust to the English climate after a week in wonderfully sunny Spain, trying to download Maya (and failing due to the Uni email being down so I can't get my activation email...), trying to get inspired and helping one of my friends with a request.

My friend Rob asked me if I could design a logo for his Ultimate team "Hawk Ultimate" (for those who don't know what Ultimate is, it's essentially competitive frisbee and has become pretty popular the last few years after finding it's way over here from America). He wanted one normal/more cartoony logo & one tribal one.

It's not really anything to do with animation, but it shows that i've done some drawing and actually used my graphics tablet at least once this summer. I used Flash to draw the outlines and coloured them in Photoshop.

intitial concepts:


rough tribal one:

Final versions (there's two versions of each, with alternating team colours):

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