Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Flash Project Planning.

I spent the majority of yesterday preparing for my Flash project, we have to take a 30-45 second sound clip from an interview with four students about various academic topics. I ended up choosing a segment where "Kitty" talks about her overuse of post-it notes for essay planning. I instantly had ideas spring into my head when I heard it, so decided that this would be the clip of audio for me.

I ended up kind of storyboarding (in a sense)and creating character design as I went along, and ended up with 4 pages of planning, as can be seen below (click for larger versions, which really are MASSIVE, and they've been edited so they're only 50% of the original size, my scanner ios trying to kill all with a slow internet connection!):

I then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening planning the symbols and layers I'd need. As my Flash skills are still considerably novice, I also decided I would try out a few of my ideas before I jumped straight into the final thing (which I would've started properly now instead of updating my blog, except it didn't want to import my soundclip. EVEN THOUGH it plays fine in Windows Media Player. *facepalm*).

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