Saturday, 12 March 2011

Barista Coffee Roadtrip

So, last Monday (it seems so long ago now), thanks to Alex's girlfriend, we road tripped to Origin Coffee's Roastery warehouse armed with a P2 camera and all the filming paraphernalia that goes with it.
Phil, the guy who works in the Roastery (who is also a great barista and Alex's new hero), made us so many Latte's (I later had a meeting with Andy and some other second years, I ended up uncontrollable twitching and gibbering rubbish from having about 6 cups!). We now have some excellent reference footage to work with, we shot Phil's hands making some pretty Latte's and Sarah making a poor one (watch the Animatic to understand).
Heart shaped Latte, created by Phil:

L-R: Phil, Alex and Me:

One happy-coffee-loving-chappy:

Phil also gave us some free Coffee and some hesian sacks that the beans come in (which I was really excited about in my caffiene crazed state and kept showing it off to everyone in the studio, much to their annoyance).

So, Me and Alex have since sat down and worked out exactly how many shots we have to do to get Barista sorted, and it turns out it's rather scary:
Barista Planning

Another development, following Derek's advice, has been to change Tim's stick figure Boss Carol into an Ex-Girlfriend of Tim's, since we're not going to have time to complete the scene where Tim comes face to face with all of his exes on a bus (you can see the designs I did for all the ex girlfriends here). I'm designing Carol who is going to be based upon this ex:

So, after my Pre-Production hand in on wednesday, it's full steam ahead on Barista!

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