Saturday, 9 October 2010

Experimental Research

For one of our projects this term we have to create an experimental animation (without the aid of a computer) to some music. As Derek hasn't put up or played any of the music options I haven't really had any ideas for animating yet. So I sifted through YouTube and backwards through my blog and came across a few favourites and some new interesting ones that you may be interested in too...

My Green Crocodile (I came across it in Foundation and I simply love it, I'm sure I've shared it on my blog before, but it's realy worth a watch).

Loof & Let Dime (from Bradford Animation Festival last year, I think it'd be harder to try and replicate something like this without the aid of a computer, but ink and cutout may produce similar results).

Photograph of Jesus (another Bradford find, but could be fun using photographs from real-life in real-life!).

My Paper Mind (a video that Hugh Herbert liked on YouTube that led me to spend time surfing through random animations).

YouTube user nosnoma's "paper horse animation test".

YouTube user mattpee's "Alice in Wonderland".


  1. Thanks for posting these great examples of animation.
    Have you seen "traveling Light by Jane Aaron?

  2. No I hadn't, thanks for posting it :)

    Sorry for the late reply, Blogger doesn't ever tell me if anyone comments on my posts.