Sunday, 10 October 2010

Heavy Weight Lifting... Finished *EDITED*

Final animation, I'm tempted to add a bit of a walk cycle ot the beginning, but I just tried to start and it is mind-bending trying to do a walk cycle backwards and trying to do it so that it matches up is nigh on impossible. Especially when I'm struggling to keep the height of my character the same already. But I don't feel bad, the assignment was to do a character lifting a heavy object, not a walk cycle, so that's what I've created. I used my reference material to help animate the 'fall' and my rough drawings/storyboard for the rest.

After seeing a few other people's videos I had a bit of a panic because my character didn't have a face, so I added one, it's funny how much 4 lines add a bit of personality:


  1. :) Why do you have to do it backwards?

  2. i didn't, but i wanted it to flow to what i'd already made, but everytime i do a walk cycle the figure always seems to get taller and taller.