Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Animation Tests and Organisation

So this week I've been cracking on with animation tests, but I've also got back into producing and organising everything for when we start animating (next week - fingers crossed).

After our meeting with Andy a week ago, we set out a production pipeline...

... which has been a blessing for creating the final schedule.

I've also done a breakdown of every shot in the production, and have a nicely organised folder with the voiceclip quote and the corressponding storyboard for it:

LH_PRODUCTION - Shot List, Description, Designation

I've also created a form that can be used to document the individual shot's progress.

Which will probably end up looking a little something like this:

After posting so many schedules I'm feeling rather OCD, but this one is a weekly plan that I can give to crew members to outline the project's overall goal for that week, and they can use to fill in what they do each day... which is going to be a big help when it comes to writing the horribly long production report at the end of term and no-one can remember when they did anything (been there - don't want to repeat).

Aaaand, finally, a nice table to chart the overall progress of the project:

Right, now for the fun stuff, the moving pictures!

A video documenting the animation test progress of the Cannibal Pig... She loves bacon:

And, using the Cannibal Pig, a background texture test:

As per Rosa's suggestion, every week or so, I'm going to make an edit of everything we have so far, this is yesterday's one (and it's already had some more storyboarding done since then).

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