Friday, 5 March 2010

Maya 3D Room Environment

So, I've finished and handed in my Maya project. It's been a bit of bitch and times, but it's finally completed. I realise now that I should've blogged as I went along to document my progress, but I've spent so much of my time working on it this week (and playing Heavy Rain...AWESOME). Luckily, I have over a dozen renders that have documented my progress. I still consider myself to be pretty crap at Maya (and when Georg sees my texturing I'm sure he'll probably agree...), but I'm pleased I've actually managed to create something AND texture it AND the final result looks pretty good.

So, from the beginning, my rough plan, based loosely upon my background project interior I changed it from a bedroom to a sitting/living room, purely because I had far more ideas about what I could put into the room (and the fact that I thought it would be easier to model a sofa than a bed).

First baby steps into Maya, with a very basic sofa:

The sofa is probably the object that has undergone the most transformation. I had lots of ideas on what to fill the room with, (close competitors were a fish bowl and fruit bowl) but I decided on making a bookcase and a coffee table as my main bits of furniture. Things like the canvas 'painting' and the rug were made up as I went along.

The first lights went up on the window-wall, but I actually enjoyed myself(!) when it came to making the standing lamp, I love the shadows it casts.

I really got into the swing of modelling objects (despite their basic-ness) I'm pretty pleased that they actually look lifelike(ish). A little close-up of my TV (with static white noise!) and bookcase (which I didn't realise had super shiny reflective books till it came to near the end...)

Wallpaper texture, also shows the full shape of the room and the ceiling was quite possibly the most annoying thing to get right:

I couldn't get the rug to look right, and when I tried to get to texture the floor the rug was stuck to it, so it got deleted, with the intention of returning, but I liked the reflections left on the floor by the table, so it was never put back in. The floor was also super-reflective when I first put the texture on it.

Aaaand, the final thing:

With a pretty occulent render (that Olly wanted me to do...), it makes the sofa look pretty cool:

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