Friday, 12 March 2010

Ident Animatics

So, here's the Ident Animatic I created to present to the rest of the class to get my idea across. For something that was literally done in about 15 minutes the night before, I don't think it's too bad.

However, yesterday I created another Animatic with the final logo's and style I want to use. I've decided I'm going to be brave and venture into After Effects to do it, because I don't think I can get the smoothness (or effects, sparks for the wire and amp - yay!) that I want with Flash, let's be fair, the tweens aren't exactly fantastic. It was also to show Pete in our AE session this afternoon, but I turned up and no-one else was there, not even Pete. Hmm.

I wanted the 'Red Room' and 'Virgin' logo to look like they were actually attached to the amp, I think it worked pretty successfully. Now I just need to wait for everyone to finish the storyboard project before I can beg for help to make my ident...

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