Thursday, 28 February 2013

A much needed update.

Life after graduation has been depressingly unrelated to animation thus far. 

After a summer spent using the last of my house deposit to enter Love Hate into as many festivals as possible, it seemed inevitable I had to get a job. So I'm back at faithful Waitrose once more. 

There was however, a little light at the end of the tunnel as myself and fellow coursemate Nigel (one of Love Hate's animators), were accepted to work as volunteers to the 12th Cornish Film Festival which took place in November. (I've got amazingly slow with these updates). 

Excitingly, Love Hate was also accepted into the festival, screening in both the "Made in Kernow" category and the Eye-Toons Animation shorts category. 
However, the festival became even more exciting as Love Hate went on to WIN the award for the "Made in Kernow" category. 
A complete surprise to me as I hadn't even known it was shortlisted! (Poor Nigel however had been told earlier in the day and had to struggle to keep it a secret!)


This win gave us a nice shiny trophy and £400 in prize money, which was split between the team and kept to bankroll the film into future animation festivals (at £10-30 a pop to enter - as well as postage, DVDs and printer ink - it's not cheap!).

Sadly things after Chritsmas haven't been quite so rosy, and I had to postpone working as a volunteer for Animated Exeter in order to attend Jury Duty (thankfully far better, and a little shorter, than I anticipated!).

However, things are beginning to look up again with the news that Love Hate has been selected to screen at the Holland Animation Film Festival! And after working pretty much non-stop since the start of November, I'll be using my next week off to enter LH into as many more festivals as possible!

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