Friday, 1 June 2012

Not dead!

I realise it's been a long time since I posted, and a lot has happened in that time! Thanks to my fabulous team: HUGH ELLIOT LYDIA DAN NIGEL ...Love Hate was finihed with two days to spare! They really are a top bunch of animators and left me (relatively) stress free once I knew it was in their hands and I'm super proud of what we've managed to create. And despite having a mad rush in the final week to write up 5000+ words worth of reports, I have now handed in every single bit of University work. Which has left me with mixed feelings about the whole thing, as stressful as this year has been I would gladly do it all over again (although, perhaps not the dissertation... you can keep that). The hardest thing has been adjusting to no deadlines and nothing to do now that my crazy 10am till 2am working days are over. Perhaps this summer I'll actually get a tan... Maybe. And now I've actually found I feel bad if I don't do anything, I redid my showreel today because I felt so guilty when I tried to play the Sims. I just hope this work ethic continues! Now that the film and everything else is done, we're hoping Love Hate will be able to make a run of the festival circuit! It's been entered into Bristol's Animated Encounters, so time will tell! (Sadly this means you won't be able to see it online, but there are snippets packed into both mine and Hugh's showreels). Now I must go and pack, for Hugh, Dan and I are off to Annecy! An exciting, but also scary prospect, so if there are any other animators out there who are reading this and are going, hopefully we'll meet!

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