Sunday, 14 November 2010

11 Second Panic

Well, I was panicking a little bit longer than 11 seconds.
I had no idea about which format I wanted to present my 11 second club clip in, I really wanted to try and hand draw it with my own lightbox, which I left at home this term *FAIL*. Luckily I have a very lovely mother who has posted it to me at the grand expense of £11 (though it was considerably cheaper than buying another lightbox), but it is too heavy for first class so should arrive either tomorrow or Tuesday.
Worrying that this weekend would be a complete waste of time if I didn't start animating (there are 15 days left until our deadlines for the 11 Second Club AND the Experimental) I headed to the studio on Saturday to start animating. But pretty much half an hour into animating (and only managing to produce 7 very rough frames) panic got the better of me. I realised that there is no way I can hand-draw it all to the correct time scale, I need so much more practice on timing before I can sit and know exactly how many frames each movement should be (especially when you are adding lots of secondary movement like I am [wings]).
Behold Saturday's failure:

I do not want to have to sacrifice my Experimental project for the sake of hand-drawing it all when I now realise (after some kind words of encouragement from my ever-so-patient boyfriend) that I can do it in Flash to the same standard, but quicker, and can clean it up far more easily (or, as he pointed out, I could always print out my rough Flash work and draw over the top).
I'm not really happy doing it in Flash, having used it for the practice pieces we did before we started making the actual thing, but I'm no where near confident enough to be able to do it in 3D and I know that I simply haven't got time to produce the final image I have in my head by hand. Yes we have 15 days, but I have to go home next weekend to celebrate my Grandad's 90th birthday, which is something my family have been planning for a couple of months and I really cannot afford to miss, so realistically I have 12. AND I still have to do my experimental project, which thankfully, has been alot easier to plan after dopesheeting it all and working out the exact number of photographs I need to take. I still need to make all my card animals for it, but once my lightbox arrives I'll use it to help me with that project.

However, after my initial panicking yesterday, I'm feeling alot more confident today and have already managed to do about half of the actual clip in rough in just a few hours. Yes, it is rough, but once I get the movement sorted I can go over it to a higher standard. Yesterday was not a total loss, I used the lightbox to draw outlines for one sequence animal shadows and my friend Liz came round (partly to cheer me up) and also to be my hand model for the Experimental which has begun :)

EDIT, I forgot that I drew out all the mouth shapes for practice the other day:

I used last year's lip-sync project and my housemate's compact mirror to help.

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