Sunday, 23 May 2010

I've been a busy bee, or should i say, FLY?

Lots of pretty videos to watch... Posted in chronological order (well, the bits of the animation I've been working on anyway). Pretty excited to get it wrapped up soon. Should be looking good :) I've just got one more scene left to do, which I can hopefully complete by tomorrow, then we'll be off to export them with an alpha channel and have a play around in After Effects. EEP.
With the last video, I wanted there to be flying flies (confused yet?) like the ones in the second video, along with the black dotty ones, but as you can guess: Flash crashed. Epically. And it rendered out crazily jerky. So the freeze/crash count stands at an impressive 16 times. (10 from just one morning, what an efficent service).

Oh, and for some reason, because YouTube likes to mess with me, the quality is crazily bad, which makes no sense because when it's on my computer, or on Facebook video it works fine. Stoooopid.

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